Live Casino Guide

Playing at Live Casino is the obvious choice for those who like table games and who have high demands on your gaming experience. It also fits if you like the convenience of playing online, while at the same time wanting a true casino environment. The biggest advantage is the freedom you get to decide yourself when and how and where you want to play. Please check our Live Casino Guide.

By playing your favorite table games with the life of a living croupier, you’ll experience the authentic casino environment. You can even play with a English-speaking dealer, and more and more live casinos are open around the clock so you can play when it suits you.

In a live casino you will meet professional dealers. The game is usually streamed in HD quality from a land based casino, or from a similar set built for the purpose. It is of course the classic table games that apply, but usually you will find more variations of these than you can look at a land based casino.

Playing Online Live Casino is as easy as playing any other game. All you have to do is create an account, insert a slant (of which you usually get a bonus) and then you’re ready to bet! The games in a Live Casino are table games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. You can also play Casino Hold’em and Sic Bo. There are a lot of variants on these games, but the basic principle is the same as those found at a regular casino.

Live Casino Guide – Play on your mobile

As more people understand that the chance of winning can be greater if you play table games, and while more people discover the pleasure of playing casino online, the Live Casino Guide scene will grow ever bigger. In addition, the technology behind the games has developed exponentially, which offers a much better game feel than it did at the beginning.

Thanks to technology advancing and demanding, you can even stream live casino games to your mobile or tablet, in as good quality as you were at the computer. Now you’re close to the casino with just one click away!

Live Casino Guide – Find your best casino

All casinos do not offer their table games live, so when looking for a good casino to play at, you first need to check that they are offering it. Another thing you may want to know is what kind of bonus the casino usually shares. If you are going to play on table games, you are not very interested in free spins.

Deposit bonuses are the right way, and also remember to compare the turnover requirement on casino bonuses. You want as low a turnover as possible. It should also be possible to use the bonuses at the live casino, and the game there must contribute to the turnover.

What games are available at Live Casino?

The quick answer is all table games. Then there are a lot of different versions of these, and you will probably find more Roulette and Blackjack in your online casino than you would do at a land based casino. Suppliers of live casino are constantly trying to find new ideas for their games, but the reason is always the same, so it’s easy to understand the new variants. An example is Immersive Roulette, which only means that the Roulette is filmed with multiple cameras and in HD quality. In this way you can follow the smallest movement of the ball before it falls into the compartment.

Live Roulette – There are two kinds of Roulette, American and French or European, which you also call the French roulette. What distinguishes them is that the American has two zeros, so to increase the chance of winning something for your part, choose the European Roulette.

Live Blackjack  A really popular celebrity in the casino world, where you can work a lot with strategy and influence the outcome of the game through your own choices. A Swedish Blackjack means you can play with a real dealer.

Live Baccarat – An incredibly exciting game that often results in high sums switching hands. Baccarat can bring great benefits to you who play, depending on which of the three options you choose to bet.

It can not be overlooked that Live Casino gives a completely different experience playing the video game table game. Many even prefer it in front of a land based casino. The nice thing about table games is that you can influence the game to a large extent, and you have the chance to win high sums if it’s right. If you have not tried playing with a real dealer yet, it’s time to do it now! Good luck!